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Porsche 944 Turbo – Madison Avenue, NYC

August 13th, 2009 by Ian

944 Turbo 1

The 944 was a hot ticket when it hit the scene back in ’82. Better equipped than the 924 it replaced, the 944 line was praised for its refined driving character and near-perfect weight distribution. And this pristine turbocharged example, spotted on Madison, looks pretty darn good despite its age. The owner seems to have kept this baby stock short of the modern 10 spoke wheels and bulging red brake calipers. Infused with turbo power, the little inline four pumped out 217 HP. That’s  good enough to make this 3,200 pound Porsche a sub-6-second car in the ever-coveted snort to 60 MPH. Compensating for horsepower inflation over the last 20 years, that would be like 4.5 seconds today.

944 Turbo 2944 Turbo 3944 Turbo 4


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  • This is a beauty but if we’re going to crave a front engine Porsche
    go find a black 928 S. This came out around the same time as the 944. Only difference was the 928 came with a huge set of balls.
    You could cruise north of 100 all day in that thing.
    Now that’s a thing of beauty.

  • The 944 Turbo is nice, but I prefer the predecessor, the 924 Carrera GT. 210bhp from a turbocharged, intercooled engine in a 1,180kg package and you can see the styling cues that made it through to the 944. The 924 GT has the same FR transaxle layout and has racing pedigree. They’re rare, too. Only 406 made, only a handful made it to the US that I know of though, and these were probably the GTS variant. Check out the website for more info.

    That’s a great example you spotted, I especially like the wheels and red calipers.

  • i stumbled upon your site when i was searching for this car. i have one myself. i love the crisp and clean pictures.

  • Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great.