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Lotus Exige S 260 Sport – DUMBO, Brooklyn

July 28th, 2009 by Austin

Lotus Exige S 260 Sport

The Exige S 260 Sport has no power steering, will send shock waves through your spine and is harder to get into than the back stage area at a KISS concert. It also represents the most fun a person can have on 4 wheels short commuting to work via Indy car. If you can manage to squeeze into the scooped out carbon fiber racing seats, the view is nothing more than exposed structural elements, pedals that are spaced mere inches apart and an instrument panel consisting of 3 knobs.  Creature comforts include A/C, power windows and an Alpine stereo. If you need more, don’t buy a Lotus.

Lotus has always taken a minimalist approach to motoring and continuously seeks to enhance performance through light weight (their company credo in fact). All told, the little Lotus (3.8 ft tall), with its aluminum chassis (155 pounds) and composite fiberglass body, weighs in at a bantamweight 1,962 pounds (Lambo’s Gallardo LP560-4 weighs about 3,300 pounds). Not a bad weight class considering the high revving (8,000 RPM) Toyota-sourced four-cylinder sends 257 supercharged ponies to the rear wheels. The result of such a favorable power to weight ratio is a blast to 100 MPH in about 10 seconds (60 MPH in 4 seconds).

When you’re not throwing the S 260 around a tight corner or rocketing down a long straight, it is actually quite difficult to live with. For starters, it has no rearview mirror. And who needs one anyway? The massive Eaton supercharger bolted to the engine behind your head blocks rear access anyway. The interior is hot, the engine is loud and the ride quality will make your chiropractor rich. Despite all this, the 260 exudes a level of pure driving pleasure that becomes more and more addictive each time you’re behind the wheel.

Seen here in Burnt Orange, the rare (only 50 will be sold in North America) Exige S 260 certainly turned heads in DUMBO.


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  • That’s a pretty awesome ride!

  • i just just get past the toyota engine part………. i’m sorry, i just can’t !

  • teriffic post. awesome car. super pics & locale.

    hey archie, early ferarris were powered by Fiat. in fact they kinda sorta still are, huh? the motor is generally available, most effective, reliable & cost effcient to buy & to service. a purpose built motor would make the car unaffordable. it is the reasonable & effective solutions on all levels. go drive the car & talk to me abut the motor. i did

    • at least a fiat engine is still made in italy. i would prefer a peugeot, citroen, volkswagen, alfa, lancia, renault engine to toyota…….. did you ever notice how tired ANY 10 year old japanese car looks ? japanese cars never garner significant amounts of money as collectibles, perhaps because they don’t make to last that long. i don’t like the idea of dropping japanese engines into european cars.

      • Maybe your forgetting a time when the Japanese were making cars that were more than just practical. Lets not forget the all mighty Toyota Supra Turbo which helped build the aftermarket scene here in the US (the days before FaF). Then there is the Acura NSX. While the NSX might not have blown your socks off on paper after no real changes in the 15 years it was in production, it still was a work of art with its all aluminum construction and mid mounted six. It was a great car to drive and could be easily driven every day. Who knows why it was never really upgraded in the engine department? In business its all about using the best product you can get your hands on, and when it comes to building engines that will last, you can’t beat the Japanese.

        • where all the the Toyota Supra Turbo’s now ?

          in the scrap heap i suppose, the japanese just don’t build cars to last after ten years…..

          • What do you mean where are they now? They are being wrecked by stupid children of celebrities that think they can drive… haha

            There are over 800 posts in the MKIV Supra “roll call” forum and thats just modding web junkies…

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