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Corvette Z06 – 7th Avenue, NYC

July 21st, 2009 by Ian

Corvette Z06 1

Pictured here on 7th Avenue, this no-nonsense American exotic holds its own against Europe’s finest for considerably less coin. In fact, the only cars on the market to offer equal or better performance for the dollar are GM sister vehicles like Camaro SS and Cadillac CTS-V. This Blade Silver Metallic Z06 features a 7.0L V8 with 505 HP, a 75 pony boost from the standard Corvette. But beyond jump in power and displacement, the Z06 utilizes an alluminum chassis that is 136 pounds lighter than the steel set-up used in the base model. Coupled in with other weight savers like balsa wood/carbon fiber composite floors, magnesium alloy engine cradle and titanium alloy connecting, the roughly $73,000 Z06 weighs just 3,132 pounds (weight to power ratio of 6.2 pounds per hp). Not to say that spec sheets tell the whole story, but a nearly $188,000 Ferrari F430 features less power (483 HP) and weighs more (3,196 pounds). You simply can’t beat that grins per dollar proposition. 

Corvette Z06 2Corvette Z06 3


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  • one thing you may have over-looked: if you buy this car, or even a ferrari f430….. you are going to look like a prick. regardless of the price.

    save yourself the aggravation and protect and buy a porsche carrera s or carrera turbo. you will look a bit smarter and can leave the gold chains and chest tupee at home 😉

  • hey archibald – all i can say to your comment is ‘different strokes for different folks’ – also, have you ever driven a Z06 or an F430? you might change your tune after a little wheel time in one of these babies.

    • hah! i was just being inflammatory, though both the corvette and ferrari are a bit over-the-top in the design / image dept.

      that said i recently purchased a 1979 ferrari 308 GTB, and have my gold chains and chest toupee on order.

      never driven a Z06 though i did rent a standard corvette last summer, and its just best described as weird to drive.

      keep up the good work.