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Bell 430 Chopper – East River, NYC

July 17th, 2009 by Stu


We all love a good Summer Friday and apparently so does this lucky group of VIPs. Although they will get to the Hamptons in 40 minutes while it will take you and I upwards of 4 hours if there is traffic. That’s the upshot when you’re using a 700+ HP Bell 430 and “traffic” consists of travelers who are winged and feathered. Interested? Newark, NJ-based HeliFlite offers shares as “low” as 1/16 in one of their 160 MPH Bell 430 twin-turbine helicopters for around $400,000 or 50 occupied flight hours per year. On top of this initial investment, you pay a fixed monthly management fee, plus an hourly rate that covers fuel, lubricants and a warranty program. On top of this, owners are billed for all other costs associated with their flights such as landing fees, heliport wait times, catering and taxes. And at the end of the five-year contract term, you may sell your interest back for fair market value or renew your ownership interest. What does all of this outlay get you? More time to socialize with women who use too much botox.

Our snapper Mike caught some footage while he was aboard…


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