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Ford Falcon Van – Carroll Street, NYC

July 13th, 2009 by Ian


This Ford Falcon Van (1961 – 1967) is a far cry from the Econolines schlepping stuff around today. Sure, both vehicles were/are appealing as work horses for the likes of Bell Telephone and Verizon. But the gen 1 Falcon, with its snub nose, compact dimensions and mesh eyes, is a vehicle we would actually be pumped about for a spirited road trip or beach jaunt. Based on the compact Falcon, the first E-Series was Ford’s answer to the VW Type 2 and Chevrolet Corvair Sportvan, also compact car-based vans. Different than today’s 217 inch E-150, the Falcon was tiny at 172 inches (even shorter than a modern day Civic). This cool little van reminds us that, once upon a time, it was indeed possible to offer serious utility in a pint sized package.  

Thanks for the tip Eric!



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  • Nice wheels. Truckin’…grateful dead style.

  • some friends came to visit and we pointed out to them that if we searched their vehicle their actual van came up as the first result. further investigation brought up this blog. they thought it was pretty funny to see the car posted here.


    • That’s exactly the kind of stuff we hope for…Tell your friends they own a very cool van..thanks for the story! Please continue checking us out…we may provide some other surprises for you..

  • This is a rare van…62 I think with the frst year Club Wagon windows. I rebuilt one from end to end in the early 70s and loved this van. Fuel line design was troublesome in the engine compartment and resulted if her going up in flames in 1975. Battery was under the drivers seat.

  • Oh yea…one reason this van was so fun to drive is, when someone rode in the front seat for the first time and you make a point to brake close to a car in front of you at a light: the passenger would snatch his/her feet up with knees to his/her chest. Worked great in the days of miniskirts.. Drove like power steering but it wasn’t. Crazy with all that weight on the frnt tires.

  • I used to own a 67 Falcon just like this one but mine was the Travel Wagon. It had the camper setup in the back. I never should have sold that truck it was great, but I was a kid at the time and money was an issue. Such is life.

  • Is there a Ford Falcon Van Club Website?

  • I think the COE vans from the sixtys are the coolest vans ever.

  • I have a 1967 Ford Falcon Van, this one is equipped with the Stove, Sink, Refrigerator and has a turtle shell top which contains a bed (in the shell). I am trying to find information about the production of this model. It is really a beautiful Van, but I would like to know more information about it.

    I am going to be selling this Van and want to give all the information possible on the Van to the new owner. It is an extended van, as I can see from the other models after the last window it ends, mine continues for another approximately 18-24 inches.

    If there is a website, or if someone has a scanned copy of an information booklet, that would be wonderful. Please let me know either way if you can help. I do appreciate the time you have taken to read this.