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1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 – East 23rd Street, NYC

June 24th, 2009 by Stu


95-viper-rt-10-e23rd-streetIt’s always a treat to see one of the 25,000 or so Vipers produced since introduction in 1992. And given the livery vehicle choices seen here, we would definitely hail down the “Race Yellow” snake charm owned and operated by Long Island resident Alan Stewart. Alan, who doubles as an exotic car cabbie on weekends, is a car freak like the rest of us with a particular fetish for cast iron muscle from Detroit. Other cool toys in his collection include a 67′ Vette 427, 69′ Shelby GT350, 69′ roadrunner convertible, 70′ challenger T/A 340 6-Pack, and 65′ Impala SS.

Now that the Chrysler Group is owned by Fiat, Uncle Sam, the UAW union’s retiree trust and the Canadian and Ontario governments, the power has been turned back on at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, where 115 people lovingly assemble the snarling Viper. We are glad to see this halo vehicle live on, at least for the time being.


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