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Chevy SSR – West 39th Street, NYC

June 11th, 2009 by Stu


chevy-ssrWe spotted this Slingshot Yellow Chevy SSR laying low in a 39th street parking garage. Perhaps the owner is embarrassed that he/she purchased one of Time Magazine’s 50 worst cars of all time? The ill-fated SSR debuted during Chevy’s uber-patriotic, Michael Bay-directed American Revolution advertising campaign aimed at educating the public about 10 new Chevy cars & trucks hitting dealerships in a scant 20 months. Despite the bodacious hot rod-meets-vintage pickup aesthetic, SSR didnt exactly meet sales expectations and only lasted¬† 3 4 years on the market. Many blame the decidedly non sporty Trailblazer underpinnings while others pointed to the lack of power and $40,000+ price tag at launch. We digg it though and any SSR owners who can no longer bear the ownership burden can reach us here.



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  • once you get your fact straight, come visit us, until then.. you don’t know what your talking about.

  • Time magazine should stick to politics. Love the SSR, love the canary yellow

  • Thanks for being one who tell the truth about this wonderful, sporty truck. The writer’s have no idea how much damage they did to the sales, but the SSR Fanatics are still here for the long run

  • Your comments about the SSR REALLY show your ignorance. SSR was produced from 03 through 06. Let’s see, that’s 4 years according to my math teacher. And ALL the SSRs produced were sold. By the way, 05 and 06 had a 6.0 liter engine that is in no way underpowered. I hate it when stupid people try to sound intelligent !!!!

    • Hey Rich – Thanks for visiting us and bringing the production error to our attention – we have noted your astute observation withiin the post – as for your comment about underpowered engines, read the post again and you will see that it says “underpowered at launch” – After the publishing of “Unsafe at Any Speed” the Corvair got several notable improvements – do you think it made a difference in the public eye? Automakers only get one shot to launch cars properly.

  • You don’t know your ass from a hot rock.

  • Boys, boys… stop the bickering.
    In the final analysis this was a wild shot at a niche
    market with very limited following.

    Don’t blame the car. It’s just one of many thoughtless
    risks that put GM where it is now.

  • This blog is garbage. Do you just post any car in NY that is not a Camry? I wouldnt be surprised if you posted a Camry.

    • Hey Rob – thanks for your intelligent feedback – just shoot over the link to your website so we can see how its done –

      • I don’t have a blog at the moment. but really. I think the people doing it right have a focus, an opinion, and bring a fresh perspective to the table. This is like a Jalopnik ‘Streets of Alameda’ except that their site doesn’t rely exclusively on that and if i did, I wouldn’t read it. Let the haters hate.