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Greenwich Concours D'Elegance – Greenwich, CT

June 8th, 2009 by Ian

greenwich-concours-deleganceConcours events originated in France in the 1920s as gatherings for owners and coachbuilders who wanted to show off their latest custom bodied creations. The modern Concours shows pay homage to this classic tradition of taking a rolling chassis and fitting a personalized body to it. Walking the show grounds, located on the edge of the Long Island Sound, is a refreshing look into the past, especially considering the mass production and homogeny we see all over the road today. Not to knock today’s iconic high end brands or their loyal base of enthusiasts, but modern Ferraris are not nearly as rare or personalized as they used to be.

No ordinary gathering of cars and car lovers, well-regarded Concours events like Greenwich either invite or accept entries into what is essentially a best of the best competition that spans country of origin and date of manufacture. Although many of these events have an un-restored class, many entrants sport restorations that exceed factory quality.

An all-star team of judges [comprised of industry experts, historians and journalists alike] is broken up into teams. To avoid ties, there are 3 judges per team and each team is assigned approximately 15 cars to judge. Greenwhich does not favor a point system for judging; instead, the panel relies on the visual impact of the car in order to reach a decision for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

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