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BMW 535i Sports Wagon – 7th Avenue, NYC

May 29th, 2009 by Ian

bmw-535i-sports-wagonSpends his days in a Manhattan boardroom and weekends in Ditch Plains riding the long ones into shore. Not a terrible way to live in our humble opinion. A diverse vehicle for an active lifestyle, the BMW 535i Xdrive Sports Wagon offers all the utility of an estate, the performance of a sports car (twin-turbocharged, 300HP V Inline 6) and AWD capability of an off roader. Those who don’t embrace European wagons need to take notice.


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  • BMW does now make any V6 engines, that car has a twin turbocharged inline 6

    • Hey Derek. You are 100% right and we thank you for the feedback – correction noted in the post – thanks for visiting us and please do come again.

  • i ordered a 2010 535xi wagon in jet black with M sport package and 6 speed manual transmission. i’m super excited about getting it and it should arrive here around the 3rd week of august. rumour has it that BMW won’t be importing the 5 series touring (wagon) after 2010 in favor of the cross-over 5 series “GT”. the wagons are awesome and have just the right combination of sport, practicality and reverse snob appeal…. all tied up in a nice little german package. i’d rather have a euro-wagon any day than drive an suv or cross-over.

  • I think the xdrive series are fantastic cars, very solid and reliable, but I have to admit I don’t find them as attractive as latter day BMWs. There is just something, well, bland, about the body design of these cars. Puts me in mind of a Subaru not a BMW.