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VW Phaeton – 5th Avenue, NYC

April 30th, 2009 by Stu

vw-phaeton-5th-ave-You’re looking at VW’s ill-fated attempt to compete against arch rivals Mercedes and BMW. Despite the economy car badge sitting prominently on the hood, the full size, hand assembled Phaeton is all luxury and easily crossed the $100,000 barrier when equipped with the optional W12 engine. It even shared a platform and manufacturing site with Bentley’s Continental Flying Spur sedan (VW owns Bentley). Americans were not convinced though and Phaeton was promptly taken off the U.S. market after 2 years of sluggish sales performance.


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  • at 100k, the phaeton is actually a bargain. what it lacks is the status that is all too important for luxury cars.

  • you are 100% right daniel. thanks for weighing in. VW should have left the six figure aspirations to sister brand Audi and their almost identically sized and intentioned A8.

    please continue to tune in for more great sighting!