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BMW R75/5 – Spring Street, NYC

April 27th, 2009 by Ian

Vintage Bimmers are all the rage once you head south of Houston. They have a rugged appeal that feels right at home in a concrete jungle. This 1972 R75/5 has shocks lined in chunky rubber and a chrome 4 gallon gas tank (introduced that year) that many say resembled the look of a toaster oven.


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  • where do I get myself one of these!!?? The perfect city bike…

  • I need help with my bmw I was wondering if u could help me

  • What is it about a BMW bike that makes them look just so solid and reliable. Even this nearly ancient specimen looks like you could ride it to hell and back.

  • The bike is a 40 year old ’72 R75/5… With an original “toaster” tank which came out that year only. Riders hated the small tank & garish chrome at the time so many traded them in for larger 6 gal tanks.

  • Brings back many fond freedom ride memories . In 1978 I traded a Kal. 400cc. 3 stroke for a used 1971 75/5 Wunderbike color blue .Toaster tank. the previous owner only had over 250,000 miles . It had been over to Europe and US, all over .He said. The bike now has just over 600,.00. It has been completely mechanical wise re built . drive shaft -clutch- brakes- spokes wheels new exhaust pipes some original some after market parts. new seat BMW new paint in black— mistake should have left it blue. Any way was in a wreck 2003 less than a year after rebuild . Which brings up the ? would you know where I might find a frame and front end with head light and wheel , and a few more accessory parts. I’m thinking I want to put it back together. good to see that others appreciate quality and class.